Simple Delights


Aside from minor delays on the tube, my route to work usually comes with no surprises. Walk to station. Hop on the Northern line. Hop off on Angel. Walk to work. EZPZ. Today was just like every other day, except for the wildly random laugh out loud slash ‘wow you just brought the biggest smile to my day’ moment. I was on Arlington Way when this older, yet extremely spirited Chinese man zipped by on his scooter. Not a motor one, but one of those old-school street scooters normally owned by 7yo’s. His apparel and the package that was tucked under his arm clearly indicated he worked for a delivery company. He reached the corner of the street before I did, performed some type of side-swerve and hopped off his scooter. With the package in his hands, he walked toward the staircase that led to the corner building and started singing at volume VERY VERY LOUD. But it was so fucking beautiful. If you’re unfortunate enough to tube journey on Saturday evenings, you tend to get those rowdy, overly-eccentric drunk fucks singing their slurred-up version of the national anthem. Hugly unwelcomed by the public, and hugely obnoxious. Well, this was nothing like that. This was a one man harmony in Mandrian, with a touch of folk. It was a very simple surprise this morning, but often times I think it is the simple little moments that tend to define life’s little mysteries. In any case, Happy Friday B, put a pep to your step and sing those tunes – and since your morning is just about to start, you can be responsible for bringing a smile to someone else’s face 🙂

xo, Sylvie.


The Mush & Gush

Call me belated

photoKudos to all our worldly writers, especially these new-age, and fucking committed bloggers. If you decide to engage in such platform, it needs to come hand-in-hand with some serious dedication. Between work and running your life, oh and trying to fit in that hour of Bikram – it’s easy to lose momentum and difficult to find time to sit yourself in front of a computer. And since my attention span is that of a fruit fly, once I finally switch on my pc (…yes, I own a pc. After destroying about 4 Macs & 3 iphones, I’ve given up on shiny products) I end up inevitably distracted and never come around to clicking: “Add New Post.”

So Gabi, my sincerest apologies. This post was supposed to be published on your birthday-which, as of today, was six days ago. It’s an homage to you, and a bit to us, but more to you. I may not have known you since diapers, but I’d like to consider the last 12 years still a big chunk of your life. So here’s to you Gabi, to our past, present & future. Here’s to celebrating you and our ladder twenties together.

* Disclaimer: Pictures were published without consent, and may be incriminating for the subject.








Happy 26th Birthday B, I sure do love you.

xo, Sylvie



Two. Six.

The morning of my 26th was a bit of a physical struggle… After a night of dancing and way too many mixed drinks, I awoke feeling beautifully exhausted. We’ve got some pretty spectacular people in our lives, some pretty unparalleled friends — they danced the night away with me and always made sure I had a drink in my hand. Honestly, what more could a girl ask for?

When the initial headache subsided, we went around town in search of an uncrowded breakfast spot. After a couple of attempts at Blue Jam and Toast, we stumbled upon this… The Little Next Door.


Do you believe everything happens for a reason? Call me absurd, but I am of the firm belief that the wait at those other places were astronomically long because I was supposed to spend my birthday here. We had the entire patio almost all to ourselves. The light was gorgeous, the blue motif just made everything feel warm and happy. There was a trickling fountain which blended perfectly with the smooth Bossa Nova tunes echoing in the background. This place was nothing short of a dream.


I had never been here before and for the life of me I don’t know how I’ve let that happen. I fell in love with this place, with this moment. Everything about being here felt perfect — we took a long breakfast. Not one person was in a rush, not one person wanted to leave.


I caught myself picturing bigger moments here — maybe someone would celebrate their 30th birthday or we would attend a rehearsal dinner in this very patio sometime in the near future. That’s what I do when I fall in love, I picture a life together… they had me at ‘mascarpone waffle with fresh berries and walnuts.’


Mama and papa were in especially good spirits, rounding everything out to be what was the most perfect morning of my 26th year.


Next time you’re in town, we’re spending an entire afternoon here. I can picture us sipping cappuccinos, then switching to mimosas, then back to cappuccinos again. Of course there will be gossip — casual remarks about people we haven’t seen in years but somehow still feel entitled to gab about. Their whereabouts, life choices, who it is that they’re dating now…

And surely, I’ll fall in love with that moment just like I did this one.

Love, Gabi




Paradise End

Damn, did it feel good to leave the UK and land in paradise central. B, the time I spent discovering Colombia was something magical, supremely indescribable, but hey- I’ll do my best to sum it up without giving away too many spoilers so you can be all dewy-eyed when you join me next time.

First Stop: Monserrate. Think this is a typical, touristy thing to do if you’re in Bogota. It’s about 3,000 meters above sea level and serves as the iconic cityscape, boasting a white monastery at the hill top. The view was breathtaking, and by view, I mean my man. 


Then we decided to take a two day trip to a surprisingly well preserved colonial town called Villa de Leyva. Apparently, locals think the town has lost some of its lustre to tourism, but I thought it was cobblestone gem. We stayed at a hotel filled with hammocks.

photoProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 presetphotoProcessed with VSCOcam with s1 presetphoto(1)Featuring Princess Consuela Banana Hammock @ Villa Roma

Guess in Bogota, people like to escape to this large-scale country club built within a natural oasis, literally. Kinda like Palm Springs to LA, except not really, not sceney, far better, and not in a desert -sooo nevermind, scratch that. Behold Mesa de Yeguas, or as the cool kids like to hastag #MDY


Our final surprise stop, Cartagena. I now understand all the references made to this Caribbean coast. It screams euphoria from every nook and corner, from land to sea. We spent my birthday & rang in the new years island hopping, salsa grooving, and replacing the water content in our bodies with Aguardiente (sidenote: THEY LOVE AGUARDIENTE).


photo(1)imageBirthday Dinner @ El Gobernador

I have to say it was the perfect wrap-up to the year. People tend to be overly optimistic at the start of the year, committing to a long list of ambitious resolutions. But I think you have the right idea, think if we can spend this new year discovering our world more, really taking advantage of this thing called life – then hey,  what else can we ask for?

Happy 2015 World! We look forward to meeting you!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetLove, Sylvie



And so it begins…

Here we are, dearest Sylvie. Another year gone, countless memories made and just like that it’s 2015. We missed you this year, however your absence is excused because we know you were getting your latin fever on in Colombia — I will be expecting a full report + photos.

Still, I couldn’t let you go without sharing just a bit of our lovely New Year’s Eve…

IMG_1566Please draw your eyes to this embellished Free People dress that I ran all over Century City in search of just the night before while it was pouring rain. Much worth it, I danced the night away in this magical little number and I am now pretty obsessed with it.

IMG_1569I rounded up some goodies from Gjusta in Venice for our little pre party, they have a roasted tomato olive oil concoction from the gods, and Steph’s homemade guacamole was a mega hit. She decorated her place so adorably — it was charming and cozy and perfect.

IMG_1570Champagne flutes on deck and some gold 2 0 1 5 balloons to round out the celebrations.

IMG_1568And a cheese platter of dreams because let’s face it, it ain’t a party if there’s no Brie.

I’ve got a feeling about this year, and I know I say that every year… But something about this one has me giddy and anticipative. My one new year resolution: to discover more. To do, eat, see, experience and love things I haven’t had the chance to yet. I’m also pretty certain there’s a lot of travels and you mixed up in there somewhere.

So… you ready?

IMG_1567Love, Gabi